Springfield Oaks consists of 382 townhomes nestled on nearly 18 acres of wooded, gentle hills, connected with winding private drives.  The community lies about 17 miles south of Washington, DC, in Springfield, Virginia, along Interstate 95.  A recreational trail running through the woods links portions of the community, and wooded parkland sit between the community and the interstate.

The Springfield Oaks Homeowners Association was created by the developer of the community from 1985 to 1988.  Like other such entities, the Springfield Oaks HOA maintains the private streets and the common areas of the community, enforces the covenants established by the developer and applied to all owners, promulgates necessary rules and the architectural standards required by the covenants, establishes the budget of the community, and fosters a sense of community within Springfield Oaks and between Springfield Oaks and the surrounding area.

All owners must join the HOA and pay dues so that the HOA has funds to carry out its mission.  The first annual meeting of the HOA members occurred in 1985.  At that time, the first board of directors was elected from the membership.  All board members serve in a volunteer capacity and earn no salary for their efforts.  The number of board members has varied over time, from five to seven to nine.  The Association has always hired professional management firm to maintain accounting records, and provide administrative and financial support.