Board of directors
Kevin Salesman
Vivian Drake
Pennie Ziepolt
Ryan O’Daniel
Ann Lihn

President: Ann Lihn
Vice President: Ryan O’Daniel
Treasurer: Pennie Ziepolt
Secretary: Pennie Ziepolt

Fairfax County Police non-emergency (703) 691-2131
Dominion Towing (703) 730-1177
AAA Republic (trash and recycling (703) 818-8222

Management firm
Rosewood Management and Consulting Services, LLC.  (703) 778-4480

Jody Lee, Community Manager, CMCA
Willie Pena, Assistant Manager,

Legal representation
Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore & Bunn, P.C., of Fairfax, Virginia

Architectural Review (chaired by Lela Vandecar) enforces the community’s architectural covenants of the homes within Springfield Oaks. The Committee achieves this goal by recommending architectural standards based on the covenants for adoption by the board of directors, by ensuring that all homes within Springfield Oaks are inspected on an annual basis for compliance, and by hearing disputes by owners that disagree with the Committee’s actions.  Ultimately, owners may appeal decisions of the Committee to the board of directors. As a practical matter, Committee members review applications by owners to add decks, sheds, or otherwise alter their property (here’s the application, also called the Architectural Control Form ); work with certain owners to ensure compliance; and hold hearings on violations of the covenants and architectural standards. Committee members do not conduct the annual home inspections for architectural compliance; rather, the Committee has delegated this authority to the management firm.  Nevertheless, the Committee oversees these inspections.

Budget (chaired by Pennie Ziepolt) meets on a seasonal basis, generally during the summer. The Committee works with the SOHA Treasurer to devise a budget for Springfield Oaks.  This involves identifying the needs of the SOHA for the upcoming year, affixing a cost to the need, and ensuring that sufficient funds will be collected to satisfy the need.  The budget remains the major planning tool for the SOHA.  All residents are encouraged to participate in the budget process, whether by joining the Committee or submitting a proposal for the Committee’s consideration.

External Affairs (chaired by Vivian Drake) monitors the activities of the local and state governments and reports important news and issues to the community as well as making recommendations on same to the Board. For example, the Committee represents Springfield Oaks on the Mount Vernon Council of Civic Associations , which must approve all development within Mount Vernon District the Fairfax County election district Springfield Oaks is located within.  In addition to reviewing new development, the Committee focuses on public road construction, transportation issues in the vicinity of the community and, with the help of the Association attorney, monitors changes in government and law that may affect the community.  The Committee also represents Springfield Oaks in the South County Federation. Committee members may attend any of a number of county, state, or federal government meetings on these issues on behalf of Springfield Oaks.  Important issues may be presented to the board and/or prepared in article form for the Acorn.  From time to time, members may become more actively involved on an issue. Some examples of active involvement by the Committee on local issues affecting Springfield Oaks over the years are:

  • 1989-2003 Worked closely with VDOT on the design of the widened Rolling Road and Alban Road intersection and forced VDOT, through legal action, to pay for additional landscape screening and drainage improvements along the perimeter of the community.
  • 1991-1995 Fought with VDOT to finally obtain construction of the sound wall along Interstate 95 during the HOV lane widening project.
  • 1994-1995 Coordinated community and established task force with neighboring HOA’s to work with local politicians and businesses, obtain funding and against vocal opposition, open Fullerton Road at Rolling Road, thereby providing a critical arterial around our community, instead of through it.
  • 2002-2003 Negotiated sound attenuation fence along Rolling Road from developer of Rolling Oaks development north of Springfield Oaks (fence to be constructed in 2004).
  • 2003 Represented community at VDOT public hearings on extension of Fairfax County Parkway.
  • Monitored County decision making process and spoke on behalf of the Association regarding redistricting for South County Secondary School.
  • Coordinated Association review of the rezoning and development of 8511 Alban Road adjacent to the northern end of the community with the developer of that project.
  • 2008-2010 worked closely with the Rolling Road Committee and Supervisor Hyland’s office to facilitate the BRAC installation and roadway projects affecting the area.

Landscaping and Grounds (vacant chair) ensures that all of the common area of Springfield Oaks is properly maintained and attractive.  The Committee advises the Board of Directors on hiring a landscape contractor and oversees the work of that contractor.  The Committee reviews bids on jobs that fall outside of the landscape contract, such as the correction of erosion problems or the new landscaping within the community. This committee also is responsible for the maintenance of the recreational areas of the community such as the tot lots, basketball court and tennis courts are privately maintained. Committee members typically review bids, evaluate proposals for new landscaping and report and recommend actions to the board, monitor particular areas of the community, and report any findings to the Committee.

Streets and Parking (chaired by Vivian Drake) was established as a permanent standing committee of the Association on September 28, 2004 in a partitioning of the original “Grounds & Streets Committee”. The original G&S Committee (now renamed the “Landscaping & Grounds Committee”) had to cover far more issues than one chaired committee could address. The primary areas that the S&P Committee handles are:

  • Recommends to the Board on the management, revision and enforcement of the parking regulations in the community
  • Oversees the maintenance of the streets, parking areas and sidewalks
  • Oversees the performance of the snow plowing contractor

If you are interested in joining this very important committee, please fill out the Committee Volunteer Sign-up form and fax or e-mail it to the management agent.

Neighborhood Watch (chaired by Ann Lihn) monitors the incidence of crime within the community and interacts with the local police department.  Given a thankfully low rate of crime, the Committee does not patrol the community: most of the crimes involve auto tampering and vandalism that occur in the middle of the night.

Newsletter (chaired by Pennie Ziepolt) publishes SOHA’s newsletter, The Acorn.  The Committee ensures that enough articles are provided each month, edits the material, readies the document for copying, and ensures that all of the newsletters are printed and delivered. Committee members write articles, use their computer skills to prepare the document, and oversee the copying and delivery process.  Committee members also solicit and edit advertising and classified sections. SOHA publishes a newsletter delivered to residents and posted on this website.  SOHA welcomes classified and display advertising. Rate (for each issue) are $10 for 1/8 page, $20 for 1/4 page, $40 for 1/2 page, or $80 for full page (add 25% premium for back page).

Nominating Committee (vacant chair) solicits and evaluates applications to serve on the SOHA board of directors.  The Committee then recommends a slate of nominees to the board of directors equal in number to the number of board seats up for election.  Although the board of directors cannot elect its own members—only the membership at the annual meeting reserves that right—the board adopts a slate of nominees, publishes the slate, and solicits proxies based on that slate.

Because board members serve staggered terms, board elections are held at the annual meeting every year.  The SOHA bylaws require that the Committee be reconstituted at the end of each annual meeting.  In addition, the Committee must be chaired by a board member, although no other membership restrictions apply.  Once constituted, the Committee serves until the next annual meeting.

Committee members decide how best to solicit applications and how applications are to be evaluated.  In the past, the Committee has simply requested a written statement highlighting the applicant’s interest in the position and the particular skills the applicant would bring to the board.  Sitting board members seeking reelection have only been required to notify the Committee of their intention to remain on the board.

In evaluating applicants, the Committee examines the written statement and places great weight on the commitment of the applicant, as evidenced by previous volunteer work within the community.  Absent a previous association with SOHA, the Committee carefully reviews the particular skills an applicant would bring to the board and attempts to fill any needs the board may have for the applicant’s particular expertise.

Social (vacant chair) organizes activities for those residents and their children who are home during the day.  Activities have included visiting zoos, playing at Discovery Zone, and trips to nearby playgrounds and recreation centers.  The Committee also organizes community events, such as the neighborhood yard sale, and it has assumed responsibility for hosting the Annual Block Party for Springfield Oaks each July (an activity originally sponsored by the Neighborhood Watch Committee).