How do I contact the board? Go to Contact the board.

How do I sign up for broadcast emails? Go to Broadcast Request

How do I volunteer? If you are interested in joining a Committee of the Association, please fill out the committee volunteer signup form and return it via e-mail or fax to the management agent.

Who is SOHA? The Springfield Oaks Homeowners Association is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit corporation that was set up by the original developers of Springfield Oaks to manage the common space and is dedicated to serving the needs of our community residents, whether owners or renters. Our monthly meetings are open to all residents.

When is trash, recycling, and yard waste pickup? Trash pickup is Monday and Thursday, and by appointment. Call to schedule a day for free large trash item pickup. Recycling pickup is Monday. Yard waste is picked up on Wednesday from March 1st to December 29th. Outside of these dates, yard waste may be left out on any regular trash day, but not to exceed five bags total, and must be contained in paper, clear plastic bags, or black bags clearly marked with an X. 1-2 bags of yard waste may be put out with regular trash on Mondays and Thursdays.

Why do I have to pay dues? Your Homeowners Association dues cover the costs of providing services to the community such as landscaping and maintenance of common space and private roads and parking areas, snow plowing, provision of trash collection, financial management of Association funds and administrative record keeping. These dues are required to be collected by the Association covenants that govern all property within Springfield Oaks.

Do renters have to follow the same rules as owners, even if the owners didn’t tell us the rules? Yes. Virginia laws and community rules apply to all residents and their visitors.

Where can my visitors park? Visitors may park in any space marked “visitor.” There are further details and explanations on the “when, how and who” related to the use of visitor parking spaces within the Board’s latest resolution on this matter.

Why can’t my visitors and I park along the yellow-painted fire lanes, even for 10 seconds? Fire lanes are enforced by the Fairfax County government, not the Association. Since their primary purpose is to facilitate emergency vehicles in and out of the community when necessary, it is required by the County that they be clear at all times.