SPECIAL BOARD MEETING: Thursday, January 12, 2017, at 6:30 PM

The board meeting is for the purpose of selecting a Landscape Contractor for 2017. There will be Open Forum for discussion regarding our current Landscape Contractor. The Board will review and vote on contracts from current and new contractors. The meeting will be held at Kings Park Library, 9000 Burke Lake Rd.

Lost Dog from Terre Grande Neighborhood

Community Service Notice — Lost Dog from Terre Grande Neighborhood – A resident’s back gate opened last night and Adele took off.  She is micro-chipped – 0a11057033 OR oa11057033.  She’s 11 years old and very fast.  Please contact Ashley Baldeon, at 7804 Odell Court, 703-981-1561.  Thank you.

Next board meeting Mon 12/19 at 7 PM

Springfield Oaks had its annual meeting last night (Monday, December 14, 2016) and elected two new board members, Ryan O’Daniel and Ann Lihn.  At the meeting last night the board noted it will hold a meeting on Monday, December 19, 2017 for the purpose of:  1) Electing Officers; 2) approving a snow removal contract; and, 3) … [Read more…]